Laura—Wanted to tone up and improve fitness


Monday morning after two weeks holiday and first day back to the gym, hard!

What could I do to motivate myself?  Donnie Brown, Change Fitness Personal Training offering a free session… Maybe that’s what I need.  Yes, I’ll give it a go to see if PT can motivate me and help me to achieve my fitness goals.


This happened 10 weeks ago. I originally booked 6 sessions and loved it so I decided to carry on my PT and make it part of my weekly gym routine.


My first consultation with Donnie was great.  He measured my BMI, Body Fat %, Blood Pressure and Weight. We had a chat about what I wanted to achieve through PT and he made me try a few exercises to measure my fitness levels.  He was really professional and made me feel completely at ease.  Straight after this first consultation Donnie sent me my 6 week programme so I could start straight away, and so I did!


Since I started with Donnie I feel great, fitter and full of confidence.  Donnie targeted exactly the areas that concerned me the most and the results are fantastic.  Donnie also gave me guidance on nutrition which combined with his PT sessions, programme and my determination has helped me to achieve my goals.


While training with Donnie I discovered how little I had been pushing myself and how far I can go.  Donnie motivates you all the way through your training and makes you push yourself to the limit.  It is a great feeling!


I truly believe that taking on PT session has been a really good decision.  I can see massive changes in my body and it really makes me happy, motivated and focussed. Some people may say it can be expensive but after all I have gained during the last 10 weeks I consider it money very well invested!