Jenny—Overall fitness


Working with Donnie is fun, challenging and productive. He has found ways of getting me to achieve what I previously thought impossible ( balancing on bosu with one leg whilst using weights and moving legs and arms in and out! . All with the aim of strengthening my knees and improving my general fitness.


His knowledge of the body and how it works is impressive and he is always using it to work out new exercises that will work on my problems.


I have never stuck with going to the gym before or understood how to do exercises or use equipment that would help me. Now I feel my fitness has improved greatly (from being not bad for my age!) and I always look forward to my twice weekly gym sessions.


I would recommend Donnie as a trainer to anyone who wants to work on their fitness with someone who understands people, is sensitive to how you are from day to day so pushes you when he knows you can do it, but is quick to recognize when you are ‘under the weather’ and will change the plan accordingly.